DIY pads, for you or others!

DIY pads, for you or others!

In Lunapads mythology, Once Upon A Time there was a fair young maiden (yours truly!) who aspired to make the loveliest washable menstrual pads in the land. She toiled endlessly at her sewing machines day after day, week after week, and (natch) month after month, until she created something she was satisfied with. 

She asked her mirror, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which are the fairest pads of all?", to which the mirror replied "All pads that are made with love and respect are truly fair and lovely." Love that mirror! 

I passed along the task of sewing Lunapads to our noble production partners many years ago, but I continued to sew all manner of clothes and household linens right up until my daughter was born just over 4 years ago.

Since that time, I must confess that gardening has captured my creative heart (easier to do with a 4 year old, as well!), and so I was a bit nervous to pull out my rulers, scissors and 20 year old domestic single-needle machine to make this video - did I still have the magic?  That verdict will have to be in the eyes of the beholder of the video, but for my part it was really fun in a "blast from the past" kind of way.

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

The videos were created in response to two needs: first, as a possible option for those who can't afford Lunapads, or to support those who prefer to make things themselves, just because. Second is to offer it as an instructional tool for people in Africa to make pads for themselves and/or as commercial products, as well as for crafters in this neck of the woods who want to make pads to contribute as donations to Pads4Girls (more on that in the next post - stay tuned!)

A note on the video: it is not about how to make Lunapads, which requires a far more complex sewing process (not to mention 3 different fabrics and 2 different sewing machines - eek!)  Rather, it is an easy, adjustable pattern that can be made with a single-needle domestic machine and a wide variety of fabrics. I encourage you to experiment with different fabrics and closures, and have fun!

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