'We Cannot Tell People How To Menstruate': Period Justice with Chris Bobel

"We don’t evaluate menstruation as a vital sign or as part of a lifecycle. We’re not engaging with the body as a system - we think about menstruation as a problem to be solved with a product."
by Jane H.

The Painful Truth About The Period Taboo

The period taboo isn't just annoying tradition - it can deeply and negatively impact the lives of everyone who menstruates. 
by Guest Blogger

Reusables for Refugees: An Update From AFRIpads

Reusables for refugees? AFRIpads made it happen. 
by Jane H.

67 Ways To Have An Intersectional International Women's Day

Let’s be clear - feminism isn’t feminism without intersectionality. Let’s take International Women’s Day to examine our privileges, embrace our differences and think about how we can build justice every day of the year.

by Jane H.

Let's Make 2019 A Year of Breakthrough Progress on Dignified Periods

It's 2019. Time to see some period progress.
by Jane H.

The Hidden Impact of Period Poverty In Prisons

"You’d ask a CO for pads or tampons, and he would ask you questions like, ‘How long have you been bleeding? Didn’t I give you a pad yesterday? How long is this one going to last?’"
by Guest Blogger

You Can't Have A Period On Welfare In BC

Guess what you can't afford if you're on welfare in British Columbia? Well, your period, for starters. 

by Jane H.

Menstrual Hygiene: More Than a Day and More Than Just for Women

Period poverty is real and impacting folks in your city today.

Here's how you can help. 

by Guest Blogger

Your Support Matters: Pader Girls Academy Update

Last May, we launched a special One4Her campaign in partnership with Diva International Inc. to provide sustainable menstrual supplies to students at the Pader Girls...

by Lisa F.