Let's Make 2019 A Year of Breakthrough Progress on Dignified Periods

It's 2019. Time to see some period progress.
by Jane H.

Planned Parenthood Launched a New Sexual Health Chatbot & Here’s Why That’s So Important

Meet Roo, Planned Parenthood's new chatbot built to demystify reproductive health.

Roo has the potential to change the sex ed game.

by Guest Blogger

Endometriosis: A Zine by Dana Kearley

My name is Dana Kearley — I am an artist and illustrator based in Vancouver, BC. My artwork is a visceral response to personal life,...

by Guest Blogger

Youth Leadership Brings Menstrual Equity to Tanzania

MOYODEI is youth-led community organization based in Morogoro, Tanzania. Earlier this year, MOYODEI was selected as a recipient of a One4Her donation of 250 AFRIpads...

by Morgan MW

Productive Spontaneity: a conversation with Kiran Gandhi

If you haven't been keeping up with the career of Kiran Gandhi, please allow us to get you up to speed: she is a feminist activist,...

by Lunapads Team

Wonder Woman: An Interview with Jennifer Weiss-Wolf

If you're a menstrual activist, you probably already know the name Jennifer Weiss-Wolf. For the unfamiliar, Jennifer is a writer, activist and policy warrior leading the...

by Lunapads Team

Transformation Textiles + Pads4Girls = Malawi Success!

It’s often said that the best things in life can take time, and that relationships are everything. In the case of a unique new tactic...

by Madeleine S.

AFRIpads & Lunapads: Putting A Ring On It

It's amazing timing that AFRIpads founders Paul Grinvalds and Sophia (Sonia) Klumpp have recently become engaged (hooray! we wish them every happiness), because we have...

by Madeleine S.

One4Her: Solidarity Not Charity

A super-interesting conversation took place on Facebook the other day after the fabulous folks over at A Girl’s Guide to Taking Over the World shared...

by Madeleine S.