The One Choice You Can Make To Stop Global Warming

The responsibility for reversing our march toward planetary destruction lies at the feet of those doing the polluting. How do we ensure that this happens?
by Morgan MW

Can Switching to Reusable Menstrual Products Really Help the Environment?

Giving up the plastic straw? Great.

Don't stop there. 


by Guest Blogger

The Problem With Plastic

Plastic is everywhere. We can't get along without it. And that's a big problem.
by Jane H.

When You're A Refugee, And You Get Your Period

One of the most satisfying things we do here at Lunapads is run the Pads4Girls & One4Her projects - this allows us to help encourage...

by Guest Blogger

From Vancouver to Uganda and Beyond: The One4Her Story

We still remember receiving the handwritten letter that was the first step in our global menstrual health journey. It was early in 2000, and Suzanne...

by Madeleine S.

Making Better Choices, Being Climate Smart

This year will be our seventh consecutive year being Climate Smart Certified here at Lunapads! Being Climate Smart Certified means that as a company we...

by Jennifer L.

Lunapads Earth Month Instagram Contest

It's Earth Month and we want to celebrate with our first ever Instagram contest! Each Friday this month, we'll post an image that shows our...

by Morgan MW

Perseverance in Malawi: Pads4Girls Kits, 1 Year Later

We recently connected with our longtime Pads4Girls colleague Rachel Starkey to learn about the impact that the Transformation Textiles (TT) Malawi pilot project is having one year...

by Madeleine S.

Earth Saving Tips from the Lunapads Crew

Happy Earth Day, Team Lunapads! We hope you take some time out today to enjoy our beautiful planet, and remind yourself why it's so important...

by Morgan MW