How Cloth Pads Helped Me Avoid A Traumatic Postpartum Experience

"Like everyone, I wanted to be the best mother possible. But interestingly, I found myself with an abundance of child-rearing tips but almost no information on what to do after I’d given birth."

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5 Period Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Spotting out of control? Is it NBD or something big? Here's when you might need to go to the doctor.

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Heavy Periods Were Ruining My Life — And I Should Have Seen My Doctor Way Sooner

"I thought the bloody monsoon was something I’d always have to deal with; not normal for most people, but normal for me."
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Exercise And Your Period

Sweating while bleeding? Your period may interrupt your usual flow but exercise can often improve matters.
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Let's Make 2019 A Year of Breakthrough Progress on Dignified Periods

It's 2019. Time to see some period progress.
by Jane H.

Planned Parenthood Launched a New Sexual Health Chatbot & Here’s Why That’s So Important

Meet Roo, Planned Parenthood's new chatbot built to demystify reproductive health.

Roo has the potential to change the sex ed game.

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The Historical Stigma Of Period Sex And Why You Should Ignore It

The only shame that we should acknowledge are the missed opportunities to have great sex because we’re afraid of it being gross and embarrassing. 
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The Top 5 Period-Tracking Apps: Finding the Right One For You

If you're dealing with side effects or other weirdness when you're on your period, then tracking your cycle is often the first step in getting the answers you want. We dig into the top five apps: the good, the bad and the unbelievably pink.
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