I Met My Hero: Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Magazine

Tavi Gevinson by Erica Parrott  A few weekends ago, I met my personal hero: Tavi Gevinson. Blogger, actor, style icon, feminist, model, singer, and founding...

by Alysha S.

I Left My DivaCup At Home by Alysha Seriani

     Read more about the day this zine was made: I Met My Hero: Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Magazine

by Alysha S.

One4Her: Solidarity Not Charity

A super-interesting conversation took place on Facebook the other day after the fabulous folks over at A Girl’s Guide to Taking Over the World shared...

by Madeleine S.

Meet Anna Ebert, shero

Anna Ebert wrote to us in March of 2012 to inquire whether we might be able to supply 50,000 Pads4Girls Kits. We were amazed! It...

by Madeleine S.

Our Green Travel Tips

With Madeleine and Suzanne's trip to Portland this week for the World Domination Summit, travel and adventure are naturally on our minds. We've been meaning...

by Lunapads Team

The DivaCup vs. Tampons

We often get asked what the difference is between The DivaCup and tampons. As is the case with disposable pads and Lunapads, it really is...

by Madeleine S.