How To Have A Transformative Winter Solstice

'Tis the season for self-care.

by Guest Blogger

Bloody Moves: Dancing in My Lunapads on My Period

Let Arielle Egozi explain how you are your most beautiful self on your period.
by Guest Blogger

5 Ways To Get Better Sleep On Your Period

Does your period steal your much needed sleep?

Take a nap. Then take action. 

by Jane H.

Period Headaches: How To Make Them Go Away

Your period can come with some unpleasant side effects - including debilitating headaches.

by Guest Blogger

Seven Ways Reusable Menstrual Products Can Make You Feel Better About Things

Reusables can make you feel better in both body and mind. 
by Guest Blogger

Owning Your Space: Self Love As An Act of Resistance

The intersections of racism and sexism fuel body shame. Our guest blogger unpacks all of this nonsense - and makes a powerful case for self love as an act of resistance.
by Guest Blogger

Six Ways To Ditch Period Pain, Naturally

Period getting you down? Here's six ways to to push back on the PMS - naturally.
by Jane H.

Pleasure: From Selfish, to Sex, to Self-Care

Body positivity is the root of finding pleasure in your body.

(Yes, that includes orgasms.)

by Guest Blogger

In Praise of Boring Self Care

Self care. These two words have become synonymous with massages, vacation, and any number of expensive luxuries. And I get it! 2017 was a tough...

by Jane H.