Can teens use Lunapads?

Whether it's for a first period, or you're just unsatisfied with conventional drugstore products (and who isn’t?!), Lunapads are a great option for teens. Since teens come in all shapes and sizes, we don’t have dedicated “teen” sizes. Instead we recommend trying out a range of different products to find out what works for you.

Environmentally aware teens love that Lunapads are zero-waste, plus who needs to deal with being caught without a pad when you need it? With Lunapads, you can never run out! Starting early with Lunapads helps young people feel comfortable with their cycles and puts them in touch with their bodies in a healthy, positive way. Those under age 21 are also at the highest risk for contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome due to their immune systems not being fully developed, so external products are a wise choice for health reasons.

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