Can The DivaCup be used for heavy flow?

Absolutely! The DivaCup holds one full ounce, which is about twice as much as many high absorbency tampons. Those with heavy flow simply need to empty their cup more often than those with lighter flow. For most, the cup is not even half full after 12 hours.

The convenient ounces and milliliters measurement feature allows you to actually keep track of flow and accurately report flow details to their health professional.

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Is The DivaCup compatible with an active lifestyle?

The DivaCup is ideal for active people. Use it running, swimming, dancing, working out, climbing, hiking… any activity you can think of (well, one exception...

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Will The DivaCup leak?

Not if you’ve established a proper seal upon insertion. When inserting the DivaCup, remember the twist to get a proper seal. Run your finger along...

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