How do I use The DivaCup in a public restroom?

Most users find that they do not have to remove The DivaCup more often than every 12 hours, and that taking it out in a public restroom does not occur very often. However, for those with heavier flows, or on the occasion you need to empty it in a public restroom, simply remove the cup, empty the contents and use a dry or damp tissue to clean the cup and reinsert. Make sure your hands are clean before going into the stall. Wash your DivaCup well with warm, soapy water at the next convenient time.

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Do I need to take The DivaCup out before using the bathroom?

No. You can comfortably keep the Diva Cup in when you urinate or have a bowel movement just as you can a tampon.

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How do I insert The DivaCup?

On your first trial with The DivaCup, make sure you are relaxed and have time to read the User Guide thoroughly beforehand. Insertion and removal...

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