Will Lunapads leak?

We can’t promise a miracle here, but pretty darn close! Any menstrual product will leak if it isn’t changed in a reasonable amount of time, or isn’t placed properly in your underwear. There are a couple things you can do to ensure the effectiveness of Lunapads

  1. Wear snug-fitting cotton underwear. We all have a collection of older undies that we tend to wear on our periods - saggy, threadbare pairs that we won’t mind if we have to toss after an unfortunate period leak. Don’t wear these with your Lunapads! The problem with loose, saggy undies is they don’t hold the pad close against your body, leaving all kinds of room for slipping and sliding. You want your pads to stay in place where they can do their job. Loose undies are not your friend in this case.
  2. Be practical about which product to use at which times. If you have heavy flow, a Classic Teeny Pantyliner ain't gonna cut it! Might we recommend a more full-coverage product with a leakproof barrier, like a Performa Maxi?
  3. Bring extra, always. Ever leave the house expecting a light flow day and instead it’s monsoon season in your underwear? Periods can be sneaky like that. Be prepared for anything.
  4. Get the right amount of coverage. Lunapads come in a range of sizes for a reason - we're all different and so are our periods. You might also find that certain pad sizes fit better in your underwear than others. If you wear undies with a wider gusset - like trunk-style briefs, for example - you might need a Wide Pad or Performa Super. If you wear size XS-M undies, you’ll probably find a Teeny Pantyliner or Mini Pad is just the right fit - the same probably won't be true for someone who wears an XL or above, who will probably prefer a Long Pantyliner or Long Pad that will protect more of their underwear from leaks.

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