Meet Jennifer

Meet Jennifer

You know when you just find the right menstrual product for you? None of them you really love, but you find one that is just comfortable enough not to drive you crazy. That was me a year ago with Always and Tampax. One day when I had run out of my favorite but still horribly uncomfortable pads, I got lazy and decided to steal some pads from my sister.

It was horrible and I was frustrated. I thought why can’t I just wear something as comfortable as my underwear? I had heard about cloth pads from my sister in passing one time so I decided to google ‘cloth pads, Vancouver’ and Lunapads was first in the list of search results. I think I spent around 6 hours just absorbing all of the information on the site: the blog, the testimonials, the different patterns, the health benefits and more. I was sold, not just on the pads and the DivaCup but on everything and anything that Lunapads stands for, promotes and supports.

24 hours later, I got my package in the mail and tested them out. Not only did I like the products for myself, but I had this urge to help other women have the period revelation I had. Through Lunapads’ Ambassadors program, I’ve been able to support the women in my life to better appreciate their periods. Now I’ve had the opportunity to expand with Lunapads by coaching and assisting the other Ambassadors, as well as organizing LunaCircles (gatherings to explore connections to fertility and menstruation) here at Lunapads!


I’d have to say finding Lunapads has completely changed my life. I happened across this one quote which said ‘being responsible for our own crap, literally and figuratively, is the price of admission for being alive.’ Disposable menstrual products leave you in mystery and disgust about your own bodily fluids. Lunapads and The Divacup have given me a different understanding and appreciation for my body and for living in general. Lunapads has exposed me to other blogs and people that have altered my world view – Body Heart and Amber Krys, Scarleteen and Heather Corinna, Conscious Divas and Kate Muker, Allison Braun, AONC and Chris Guillebeau, Jasmine Starchild and so much more!

I would say I was always somewhat embarrassed about my period my whole life only talking about it with a few close friends. The first Lunacircle I attended back in November 2012 challenged my tendency to remain closed about that part of my life. I was at a Lunapads booth back in June and literally describing my monthly flow to complete strangers. And now, here I am discussing my story on the WWW for anyone to see!

In addition to being huge Lunapads fan, I like gardening, biking, hiking, snowboarding and chocolate.

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