Meet Morgan

Meet Morgan

Well it looks like I am next on the role call! I found my way to Lunapads in December of 2007 and have been quietly learning the ropes without so much as a squeak in terms of blog-writing so I guess its time I introduced myself.

I grew up on an organic farm in the sleepy little town of Metchosin BC on Vancouver Island. If nearby Victoria is known for its population “Newlyweds and Nearly-Deads” then Metchosins’ handle would be something like “Sheep Farmers and Old Timers”.

Childhood consisted of a lot of tearing around outside, playing with/ running away from farm animals and absorbing my parent’s vast knowledge of organic agriculture. At a very young age I tried my hand at growing my own food and was very successful. I still do it to this day when my living situation permits it.

After a year-long stint volunteering in Australia in 2002 I found my way to Vancouver, as many island youths do, to attend college and experience life in “The Big Smoke” (as my father would put it).

It has always been important to me to work in a setting that I feel is in some way benefiting society and after several jobs that I felt were more to its detriment I found Lunapads. I had learned about the company through my own research into women’s health issues several years ago and now here I am!

I am a huge D.I.Y enthusiast which probably had something to do with my upbringing. I believe that if you are of the mind to learn how to do something that you can probably teach yourself how, no matter what that thing might be. That’s definitely part of why I was attracted to Lunapads. Making the decision to switch to reusable menstrual products gets you in touch with your body and allows you to make better decisions regarding it. For me it’s about not having to rely on tampon companies or anyone else to tell me what my body needs. I can do it my own darn self!! Other things I can do my own darn self include sewing, knitting, growing my own food, cutting hair, changing my own tires and fixing my bicycle…
whose name is Dorothy.

Aside from those interests I am big music fan, an inexhaustible dancer and I do a pretty mean Cher at Karaoke.

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