100% Impressed

Dear Lunapads, Thank you so much for telling the world that your period does not have to be some dreaded event! Having just gone off the pill, Seasonale, I was dreading my monthly period. I got used to having my period 4x a year -- but with heavy flow, a lot of cramping, and itchy pads.

Searching for other alternatives, I came across your website and it was like the light flicked on. I immediately ordered an Intro Kit and got my supply a day before I was to start. It was the first time I was actually excited to get my period - pretty pads and knowing I was helping the environment. I was in awe.

Not only were they extremely comfortable, I practically forgot I was wearing a pad. No more irritation either! I was worried that there'd be an odor but I have found disposable pads actually leave an odor, not these. I'm 100% impressed and have told my friends about Lunapads and The DivaCup.


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