Allergic to conventional sanitary products

I'd been on the fence for ages about using a washable menstrual product - until I developed an allergy to something in conventional "sanitary" products. I recently participated in the No Impact Project's Earth Week carbon cleanse and the topic of reusable products came up. One of my new friends recommended Lunapads and I thought, okay, it's time to give this a try.

I love your products. I purchased some pads and liners and a pair of undies for my active days. After only one cycle, I am going to be a lifelong customer! I felt so much better knowing I was using a product that didn't harm the planet. Not to mention that it was the easiest period I have ever had with less cramps, less problems, and more enjoyment of my body. I am now a Lunapads evangelist and am putting the pamphlets I ordered in places I know they will find an audience.

I love that I am supporting an independent business run by women, and love the products and what they do for me. My husband asked me what I would like for Mother's Day and I told him, "More Lunapads, please!"


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