Alternative solutions

After researching how women used to deal with their periods through out different time periods, I became very interested through this historical aspect and began to look into alternate solutions to manufactured menstrual products. I did the math and figured that I used at least 21 pads and 7-10 tampons every month, multiply that and you get 252 pads and 84 tampons every year. Now take that minimal number and multiply that by the number of menstruating people in the US alone. Think of all the waste that each person creates while on her period. I decided to make a change; I made my own pads by tracing a manufactured one onto no-pill fleece. I have to say these are the most comfortable and absorbent pads EVER, and they don't give me a rash! And how many pads do I use every month now? 10. I have used these new pads for 3 months now. Best choice I have ever made! 


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