Changing my period forever

I'm not sure how to start this testimonial because what I'd like to say feels so big! Lunapads changed my life and I am so happy that I made the transition to reusable pads.

Prior to my switch, I had all of the common objections to reusable pads...that they would be hard to clean/take care of, that people would be able to tell, that they wouldn't be as reliable as disposable pads. My health and concerns about the environment inspired me to purchase a trial kit and I never looked back. None of my objections were true! In fact, the exact opposite of each is true!

Lunapads are easy to care for, easy to use, completely reliable...and they are actually comfortable to wear! But the best thing about them is how they make me feel. I feel more connected to myself, to my body, and to this planet. Plus, I have none of the health issues I had prior to my switch. Lunapads are an incredible product, it's an incredible company, and making the switch will change your periods forever.



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