Couldn't be happier

I've never been able to find a product that worked well for my lifestyle and menstrual flow - but I was headed out for a 3 week bike trip and my period was falling right in the middle of that week, so I went on a mission! I was reading a blog by a woman cycling the world and she mentioned The DivaCup. I googled it and found your website. So, I ordered the cup along with a Lunapads pantyliner and couldn't be happier!

I will never go back to tampons. In fact, I ordered a backup DivaCup just in case I dropped one down an out house or something!

I would have never thought to look for something like this for environmental reasons. I had thought about how wasteful pads and tampons are but never thought to look for something else until the prospect of biking for a week in the heat and camping on my period with leaky bulky tampons! Bottom line: BEST PRODUCT EVER! 


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