Experienced irritation with disposable products

People don't believe me when I tell them, but I haven't had a single cramp since switching from disposable pads to Lunapads 8 months ago. Lunapads have made me feel so much better about my period, and I actually look forward to using them each month. I used to have allergic reactions and a lot of irritation from disposable pads, but all that is a thing of the past since switching to Lunapads. I love them. LOVE them!

When I first placed my order, I thought washing them would be gross and dirty and something I would just have to "put up with," but I actually don't mind washing them at all. It's no harder than any of my other laundry, and they've held up beautifully (no staining, no shrinking, very, very minimal fading with the dark colors).

Since switching to Lunapads and realizing how much money we've saved not having to buy disposables every month and discovering how easy they are to care for, I'm seriously considering cloth diapering when we have a baby. Thanks, Lunapads!


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