Fuss-Free and Secure

I switched to reusable cloth pads and The DivaCup four years ago and I'm never going back to disposables! The DivaCup can safely be left in longer than a tampon and doesn't dry me out, so I can use it overnight as well as during the day.

When I recently started a birth control pill that can cause spotting, I put in an order for some liners and more underwear; I can use them every day in my cycle without feeling wasteful, and they make great backups for The DivaCup during my period.

They are also unobtrusive -- I'm already accustomed to cloth undies, so I don't even notice the extra fabric. I remember frequently becoming annoyed at the failure of the adhesives on disposable pads, but the design of Lunapads is reassuringly fuss-free and secure.


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