Get off that fence!

I am an ardent environmentalist, and I've given up a lot of things because of that: meat, makeup, and disposable pads among them. I wasn't looking forward to it either.. who wants to have to wash pads? Gross! And then I made the switch completely this weekend. I felt like hitting myself for putting it off for so long.

For everyone on the fence about these, here's how each of my concerns were resolved: First, I was afraid they were going to be thicker than paper pads, which they are (not by much, but still). The thing is, they more than make up for it in comfort. They don't stick, or crinkle, or itch (God Forbid!). So all in all, they are more comfortable!

Next, I simply didn't want to have to wash them.... but that was easy too. I very strongly recommend the Moon Pad bag. Slip one off, slip one on, quick, easy, and no obvious trash left behind! I take them into the shower to rinse them, and use my second set while the others are in the wash. After a couple washes they are still soft and comfy and absorbent as ever!

I had a lot of concerns about these but let me tell you they have more than satisfied me! I adore all the patterns, and it's no joke - it really does make you feel much better about a process that is completely natural!


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