Helped with my dysphoria

I've been using Lunapads for about five years now and I absolutely love them. I recommend them to everyone I know who menstruates. I used to have all sorts of irritation from using disposable menstrual pads, but haven't had any issues since making the switch. That alone would sell me on these.

But they're also great for dysphoria. I'm masculine-leaning nonbinary and I never feel less at home in my own skin than when I'm on my period. It's a reminder that my body isn't the way I would have it - and more than that, it often forces me into using public restrooms, which are the bane of my existence. It's bad enough that I know I'm on my period, I don't need everyone else knowing too.

With Lunapads, I don't have the problem of announcing to the entire bathroom, "Hey, I'm on my period!" And as much as I'm not a fan of menstruating - and frankly probably never will be - I feel about a thousand times better getting up in the morning and deciding "Do I want owls today, or am I feeling more plaid?" instead of having to pack my bag with very feminine disposable pads. 


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