Long time user, first time making a testimonial! I've been using Lunapads for more than 7 years. I started a couple years after my 1st daughter was born - I figured I cloth diapered, so lets give this a try. I love using my Lunapads; they are fun to look at, so soft and not plastic-crinkly! I love that you have expanded your line as well. After the birth of my 2nd my period changed A LOT. I needed to supplement my stash with different models, and you met my needs - thanks. I also use The DivaCup when I go swimming - it's a great alternative. On a serious note, I have endometriosis and switching to pads from tampons decreased my discomfort significantly. So switching to Lunapads was a no brainer! With this condition, I want to avoid all plastic and artificial gunk near my bits! 


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