Pleasant Period

Today is my first day using the DivaCup in conjunction with the LunaPads Mini Pantyliner. I am SO impressed and pleased. I just ordered a bunch more pantyliners to get me through each week, and I just e-mailed all my friends to tell them about these products.

I'm on the heaviest day of my cycle right now, with no leaks, and the DivaCup is so comfortable that if I didn't have cramps right now, I'd probably forget that I have my period.

The pantyliner is super soft and comfy. I was worried it would slide around because I'm used to my disposables twisting, bending and bunching, but the pantyliner is staying put, I guess because the texture of the fabric lets it cling to the underwear just so.

Best of all, I'm fresh and dry, without the stickiness and consequent itching from those unbreathable disposable liners, yuck. I'm never looking back! You have a lifelong customer in me. Thank you so much for giving me control and making my period pleasant!


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