Sleeping soundly

I started using Lunapads and the Diva cup a few months ago and it took me a couple of cycles to get accustomed to a new routine and transition almost exclusively to these new "tools." I had never relied much on tampons before because they were never effective for me and their ineffectiveness coupled with the risks made them a very unattractive solution; so I relied primarily on pads. The biggest improvement since starting to use Lunapads and the Diva cup has been my ability to sleep during my period! I used to wake up, especially the first few mornings of my period, with an incredibly stiff and sore back because I couldn't move all night for fear of springing a leak! I never got a good night's sleep either because I was constantly monitoring my movement, not allowing myself to roll onto my side. I'd wake up stiff and tired. Now, I'm able to sleep on my side, move freely when I turn over, and I don't have to worry! Waking up without a stiff back and after getting a better night's sleep has been a huge accomplishment and that itself has made making the switch well worth it for me!


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