Totally changed my life

These products (the Diva Cup and Lunapads) TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. There is no exaggeration here...for years I'd felt that there was something wrong about the way that I took care of my girl needs, and the messages that we're always receiving that our periods are dirty or something to throwing away billions of pads and tampons into landfills every year. Not only do I feel amazing not throwing anything away, but using the DivaCup and Lunapads has actually made me (get ready for this) LOOK FORWARD to having my period. These products have made me more in touch with my cycle, but at the same time, I sometimes forget I'm even on my period when I'm using the DivaCup because it's so incredible and convenient. Although using the DivaCup for the first time took some adjusting, after three or so times taking it out and cleaning it and reinserting it, I was a pro. If you're on the fence for any reason at all, just give it a'll never regret it (in fact, you'll wonder why it took you so long to just go for it)!


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