Totally waste-free period

I just had my first TOTALLY waste-free period and I feel great about it. It was a gradual transition away from the familiar (wasteful, uncomfortable, limiting) products I'd been using for the last 17 years. It took me three cycles to get there as I phased out the old and become more comfortable and confident relying on the Lunapads and Diva cup. The Diva cup stays in over night and allows me to get restful sleep in any position I find comfortable because I don't have to worry about springing a leak. And when I get up in the morning I can get going with my day and come back to dealing with my period later without worrying about a mess. One of the things I've been happiest about is the major reduction in general messiness and odor using the Diva cup. There's no gross, wet sensation and moment of concern that you have when wearing just a pad since everything is neatly contained within. It feels so much cleaner and it is. I never realized how much this bothered me until I experienced a "clean" period. But I feel much more feminine and, well, just "normal" without the mess.


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