Walking the walk

I was a hold out because of the cost (mainly). But when I took the plunge I was so happy. Not only do I no longer have all of the GARBAGE to haul to town (we live way out in the country), but I feel pampered during my period. SO SOFT! Plus, I recouped the cost in about 5 months or maybe less. The biggest surprise is that I NEVER leak onto the bed or my clothes. Plus, I ride horses for hours at a time for my living and the soft flannel of Lunapads is WORLDS more comfortable than paper and plastic. (I don't use tampons ever.) Care and washing are easy and minimal. The deciding factor, for me, was environmental (if you're gonna talk the talk then walk the walk), but the rewards went way beyond that. Now granted my gross-factor is way lower than most people but I have to say that the hassle is minimal. 


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