Wonderful products and message

I ran across your ad in Bitch Magazine years ago and filed away the idea for a few months. Finally I "lady-ed up" and bought a Diva Cup Kit. It took me a while to figure out the best way to wear it (I like folding it in half to insert it and then sliding a finger around it to make sure it's deployed correctly). I never liked tampons because they always leaked, but now I've completely forgotten the days of buying sticky plastic pads and freaking out when I didn't have one on me in public. The Diva Cup has never let me down now that I've got it figured it out and the tiny thong liners I got are amazingly comfy. Bonus: At first I tried to hide my Kit from my boyfriend, but after I explained them he said he thinks those tiny liners are adorable. He folds them up into tiny packages when they come out of the dryer! Thank you sincerely for your wonderful products and message!


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