You guys rock!

Why did I not start using these sooner? I'm not usually a poster of testimonials, but I love your pads so much, I needed to tell the world...or more specifically, anyone on the fence about switching from disposables. I finally decided to give reusable pads a shot after having a terrible allergic reaction to a disposable (*cough* Always *cough*) pantyliner.

I loved my little cloth pantyliner the minute I put it on. That was it? Where was the scratchiness, the itchiness, the bulky feel, the funny plastic smell, the bunching into a ball in my underwear? Wearing Lunapads is like wearing underwear, and that's it. Even the regular pads don't feel bulky. And I've had no leaking at all. Did I mention I love these things? I originally bought a sampler kit, but I'm sold, and I'm getting several more pads and a Diva Cup.

As has been mentioned in many comments I've seen on this page, I can tell the people who run the company clearly love and believe in what they do -- it comes through in the advice on the site and the quality of the craftsmanship of the products. In short, you guys rock! Thank you so much for this option!


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