Lunapads FAQ

What's the difference between Classic and Performa Lunapads?

Classic Lunapads are the OG washable pad - since 1993, baby! Made with 100% cotton flannel and 100% cotton fleece, Classic Lunapads are available in 6 Pad and 4 Pantyliner sizes. 

Classic Pads feature a leakproof center panel and a removable, absorbent Insert, which makes them adjustable to accommodate light, moderate or heavy menstrual flow. Add an Insert to boost absorbency as needed and change it throughout the day.

Classic Pantyliners are are an AIO (all-in-one) style, intended for daily use, light menstrual flow, or as back-up protection for internally worn products. Classic Pantyliners do not contain a leak-proof lining making them super breathable for daily wear.

Performa Lunapads represent years of research and innovation. Fabric technology has come a long way in recent years, and Performa Lunapads take advantage of all that technical performance fabrics have to offer.

Made with a high-performance wicking cotton top and a super-absorbent polyester core, Performa Pads offer edge-to-edge leak protection and superior comfort and reliability. Thanks to all that tech, Performa Lunapads are excellent for heavy flow and light bladder leaks. Performa Pads are an AIO (all-in-one) design, available in 3 sizes of Pads and 1 Liner.

To find out which style will work best for your needs, take our Matchmaker Quiz.

What makes Lunapads different from other cloth pad brands?

Since 1993 we’ve been inspiring our customers to make better, more sustainable choices for their own health and the environment. In other words, we were here before words like “carbon footprint” were even a thing.

Our commitment to sourcing high quality, sustainable fabrics & reducing carbon emissions by working with local Canadian producers, means that we’re always seeking to be a little kinder on the ecosystems that sustain us all, and more transparent about where and how our products are made.

Your purchases also help us fund a brighter future for girls in East Africa. Our One4Her program, in partnership with AFRIpads, supports equitable access to menstrual hygiene products for girls, and local employment for women in Uganda.

As a founding Canadian B Corp, we are held to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and our commitment to sustainability and social impact is written right into the DNA of our company.

How do I "Build A Set"?

Our handy-dandy set builder is a great way to stock up and save $$. Use it to customize your own period kit and automagically receive 5-15% off those products at checkout. You'll get the same deal whenever you add 3, 5, or 7+ of the same product type (pads, liners, or undies) to your cart - surprise! 🎉

Note: Discount codes can't be stacked with 'Build a Set' discounts. Applying a discount code will cancel your bundle discount, so be sure to choose the best offer before completing your order.

Will Lunapads leak?

We can’t promise a miracle here, but pretty darn close! Any menstrual product will leak if it isn’t changed in a reasonable amount of time, or isn’t placed properly in your underwear. There are a couple things you can do to ensure the effectiveness of Lunapads

  1. Wear snug-fitting cotton underwear. We all have a collection of older undies that we tend to wear on our periods - saggy, threadbare pairs that we won’t mind if we have to toss after an unfortunate period leak. Don’t wear these with your Lunapads! The problem with loose, saggy undies is they don’t hold the pad close against your body, leaving all kinds of room for slipping and sliding. You want your pads to stay in place where they can do their job. Loose undies are not your friend in this case.
  2. Be practical about which product to use at which times. If you have heavy flow, a Classic Teeny Pantyliner ain't gonna cut it! Might we recommend a more full-coverage product with a leakproof barrier, like a Performa Maxi?
  3. Bring extra, always. Ever leave the house expecting a light flow day and instead it’s monsoon season in your underwear? Periods can be sneaky like that. Be prepared for anything.
  4. Get the right amount of coverage. Lunapads come in a range of sizes for a reason - we're all different and so are our periods. You might also find that certain pad sizes fit better in your underwear than others. If you wear undies with a wider gusset - like trunk-style briefs, for example - you might need a Wide Pad or Performa Super. If you wear size XS-M undies, you’ll probably find a Teeny Pantyliner or Mini Pad is just the right fit - the same probably won't be true for someone who wears an XL or above, who will probably prefer a Long Pantyliner or Long Pad that will protect more of their underwear from leaks.

I have a really heavy flow. Can I use Lunapads?

Performa Lunapads were made just for you! With edge-to-edge leak protection and a super absorbent core, Performa Pads can absorb 3 times as much as the average disposable pad.

For heavy flow product recommendations, take our Matchmaker Quiz!

How long will Lunapads last?

Depending on how they are washed and frequency of use, Lunapads can last for many years. On average we estimate your pads will last between 3-5 years, but many of us have been using the same Lunapads for 10 years or more!

Can I use Lunapads for incontinence or light bladder leaks?

Yes! Lunapads are suitable for mild stress incontinence - the kind of light dribble when you sneeze, laugh or do strenuous exercise. These kind of light bladder leaks are experienced by 1 in 3 over the age of 35.

If your bladder leaks are just a few drops, we recommend Classic Pantyliners. Their all-cotton construction makes them super breathable for daily wear. If your leaks are more significant, we recommend our Performa Lunapads which feature a full-coverage leakproof backing and super absorbent polyester core. Lunapads are not suitable for a full bladder void.

Take our Matchmaker Quiz for product recommendations for light bladder leaks.

Are Lunapads suitable during pregnancy and for postpartum use?

Throughout pregnancy, you may experience an increased amount of discharge, making Lunapads Pantyliners essential. During Postpartum, Lunapads are a gentler, more comfortable way to manage Postpartum bleeding and take special care of a tender perineum (compared to using sticky disposable pads that you get from the hospital or drug store.)

Check out our Matchmaker Quiz for for pregnancy and postpartum product recommendations.

Can teens use Lunapads?

Whether it's for a first period, or you're just unsatisfied with conventional drugstore products (and who isn’t?!), Lunapads are a great option for teens. Since teens come in all shapes and sizes, we don’t have dedicated “teen” sizes. Instead we recommend trying out a range of different products to find out what works for you.

Environmentally aware teens love that Lunapads are zero-waste, plus who needs to deal with being caught without a pad when you need it? With Lunapads, you can never run out! Starting early with Lunapads helps young people feel comfortable with their cycles and puts them in touch with their bodies in a healthy, positive way. Those under age 21 are also at the highest risk for contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome due to their immune systems not being fully developed, so external products are a wise choice for health reasons.

Can I wear Lunapads while swimming?

Swimming during your period can be tricky, especially with cloth pads. Pads in general aren’t ideal for swimming because they're worn outside of your body, and will absorb any water they come into contact with - leaving limited room to absorb your period.

Since washing in water is how you get Lunapads clean, any menstrual flow already in your pad could seep out into the pool when you get in, too. If you have a light flow day, or are planning a quick dip in a lake or ocean, this is less of an issue - but since Lunapads attach with wings that can be seen from the outside, you probably won't want to wear them in your swimsuit.

Some people find the blood temporarily stops flowing while swimming because the water pressure holds it in, but only to a point. Once you get out of the water, all bets are off. It *will* start flowing again.

We recommend The DivaCup for swimming!

How do I wash and care for my Lunapads?

Lunapads are machine wash and dry friendly. Rinse in cold water prior to washing with your regular detergent. Lunapads were made to fit into your regular laundry routine, so there’s no need for a fussy, complicated washing process. Just toss ‘em in the machine with your other laundry! As with all dark or brightly colored laundry - wash with like colors. Lunapads should be completely dry before storing in a clean, dry place.

We recommend using natural laundry products where possible, to protect our environment, and because regular detergents can often contain hidden bleach or fabric softeners that can affect the performance of your Lunapads. Avoid the use of chlorine bleach or fabric softeners, as this will decrease the performance and absorbency of our products and is harmful to the environment.

A few cautionary notes:

If you choose to soak before washing, do not soak pads for longer than a few hours - pads left in soaking water for too long can encourage bacterial growth and mold.

It’s not our recommended method, but if you choose to hand wash your pads, be sure to rinse well, as detergent build-up can inhibit absorbency and lead to odor issues. 

Avoid the use of Hydrogen Peroxide or Oxygen Brighteners. While these products can be excellent at removing blood stains, they are also harsh on natural fibers and can react with the metal snaps on Classic Lunapads, causing the fabric around the snap to weaken. 

Are Lunapads FDA compliant?

Yes, Lunapads have been registered with the FDA since 2001. Learn more about our FDA compliance here and here.

Where are Lunapads made?

Lunapads are made in Vancouver, BC.

What do I do with used pads when I'm out of the house?

A zippered wet bag is a must-have for any cloth pad user. A toiletry bag will do in a pinch too!

Find our favorite carry bags in our Wash & Care section.

Is your Organic Cotton Certified?

Conventionally grown cotton is one of the most pesticide-intensive crops in the world. Organic farming is healing the planet and promoting sustainable agriculture, now and for generations to come. 

All our organic cotton yarns are third party certified for sustainability and fair labor practices. 

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