The Price of Plastic

Plastic isn’t just filling garbage cans. It’s endangering life on this planet.
by Jane H.

The Eight Rs You Need To Go Green in 2019

Want to know the #1 thing you can change to stop stomping on Mother Earth? REDUCE YOUR PLASTIC WASTE.

(Sorry, we said we wouldn’t get shouty. But, we're passionate about this.)

by Jane H.

The One Choice You Can Make To Stop Global Warming

The responsibility for reversing our march toward planetary destruction lies at the feet of those doing the polluting. How do we ensure that this happens?
by Morgan MW

Changing Your Period, Changing The World

It's just a pad, right? Wrong. Learn how making the switch to reusables can make a real impact for our planet.

by Jane H.

Zero Waste Personal Care Made Easy

Take your personal care zero waste - it's easy, we promise!
by Guest Blogger

This Is What Lunapads Are Made Of

Our period products are made of cotton, and we get a lot of questions about that. 

Ethical manufacturing?

It's more complicated than you think. 

by Jane H.

Seven Ways Reusable Menstrual Products Can Make You Feel Better About Things

Reusables can make you feel better in both body and mind. 
by Guest Blogger

Can Switching to Reusable Menstrual Products Really Help the Environment?

Giving up the plastic straw? Great.

Don't stop there. 


by Guest Blogger

The Problem With Plastic

Plastic is everywhere. We can't get along without it. And that's a big problem.
by Jane H.