Meet Gonie

Meet Gonie

Ever since in my life, I haven’t put my mind to a blog or thoughts surrounded my self, because in my reality, as a human being I will exist through my belief to my passion, which is my work satisfaction. I’ve been encouraged to blog about myself, when I’ve heard such words or stories from my co-workers about Lunapads’ foray into the worldwide blog and it ignited my enthusiasm and curiosity to the concept!

As a Filipino woman I can describe myself as a workaholic. I was given a proper determination in life that was shadowed by my mothers discipline when I was still young. My dad died just a year after I was born, but with the full love of my mom I enjoyed my childhood life till I became an adult.


As I started to tackle my future, I decided to apply in Singapore working as a Domestic Helper. I’m very lucky because I worked for a very kind employer and they treated me as a member of their family. After my contract for three years with them, I had a great eagerness to apply here in Canada as a live-in caregiver.

Fortunately I was able to come here to Canada in 1992 working as a live-in nanny for seven years with two employers. After that I left and got a part-time job. One of my employers was Suzanne’s friend and she recommended me to work at Suzanne’s place. After a while, Suzanne offered me to work for their company – Lunapads International – doing product quality control. I have enjoyed working with them and I’m very thankful for all the kindness that they share.

After a while I decided to go back to visit my home land in the Philippines. I met my husband while I was there and we were married. After that I sponsored him to come here to Canada. We are very lucky to have made two beautiful children, a girl – Gleanne and a boy – Lloyd.

For all my experiences and the things that I encountered during my life, and in my every day living I’m very honoured to give thanks to God because He is always at my side, in my ups and downs. Nothing is impossible if you just believe in Him and doing the right thing has been the best!

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